That Time We Went Sun-Seeking

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” 

Just a little more than a month ago,
this family finally set out on a much-anticipated, long-awaited
RV “sun seeking” adventure to the {mostly} Sunny South! :)

The children were over-the-top excited about our chosen mode of transportation,
and I have to admit, that the parents were not far behind in expressions of enthusiam!
So with food, blankets, clothes for ALL types of weather, books,
and a “few” things besides . . . yes, even a kitchen sink . . . we set out!

“Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired
by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all of one’s lifetime.”
– Mark Twain

Our first stop was only several hours down the road at our friends Pat & Amy’s house.
We have this thing about their place. It’s hard to pass by without stopping.
I think it began a few years ago when she served us an AMAZING breakfast,
and ever since, Phil thinks that it would be a *crime* to miss out
on whatever it is that she probably has baking at the minute we’re driving by! :)
And of course, her pizza, and other goodies did not disappoint!
And since Hope & Amy are like *this* in their kitchen and all creative endeavors . . .
it was only natural that they should be there too! What a great way to begin our journeys!

?????????????????????????????????????????????{the `plexus` gangs all here with our mini me girl bebes . . . }

Our second stop was with our friends, the Abarts in Tennessee.
I met their family last year and knew that my family would love getting to know them too . . .
The children played for hours, and Phil & I were completely blessed by our time in their home.
Their love for Jesus and Evangelism is contagious and a challenge!
We also got to see several other friends and eat curry together on Saturday night! :)
We loved meeting the Slaymans on Sunday morning as they talked
about on their plans to go to Mongolia . . . oh, and Annapurna’s ultra marathon accomplisments!
And we learned so much talking Plexus business with Jerit & Kristen for hours.
One thing about this business that I never expected are the AMAZING friendships
that God has blessed us with . . . so many quality people who I’m so grateful to know!

???????? ????????

{Burger Up in Franklin TN . . . I had the Ramsey Burger!
You *know* it’s gotta be named after, well, Ramsey, right?}

Following our weekend in Tennessee, we spent a day in Alabama,
with long-time friends, James & Charmaine!
We enjoyed our time of catching up a little, taking our families to a children’s museum,
the guys going to their boys’ baseball practice, Charmaine and I doing a little shopping,
and even getting in on James’ birthday celebration. :)  SO good to see them again!

Next stop was Sarasota!!
Up to this point, we had seen a bit of sunshine . . . but not too many warm temperatures!
So arriving in Florida with temperatures in the seventies was definitely a treat!!
We had a few days of cold following that, but we spent those days at Jungle Gardens,
Big Cat Habitat, and renting bikes so we could all get around . . .

The rest of our week in Florida was fabulously warm
~almost too warm for these very winterized bodies!
But we managed to adapt fairly quickly in spite of ourselves. ;)


The highlites of this trip for me were definitely the times
that we were able to connect with other people~ even if it was for just a bit!

We were with Phil’s Aunt Janie some since she generously allowed us to park our rig in her yard,
And we were able to enjoy a meal with my Aunt Jane and her family,
plus do a launch party/plexus event at her house, and meet more people!

From Florida we headed to Georgia to spend a day with friends, Ben & Clarita.
It’s always so good to spend time with them, and as the years go by,
I love the fact that our children continue to get to spend time together too!

We enjoyed talking business and eating together.
Clarita and I also snuck away for a bit to do treasure shopping! :)

It was the most beautiful sunny, spring morning . . .
and the children loved the friends and the space to play.

Next we continued out trek north to Abbeville where we spent the day
with my brother Joe and his lovely bride Veronica . . . oh! and the baby bump! :)
It was great to see their cozy little space that they have made into a beautiufl space!
Plus, we ladies got to do a bit of treasure shopping,
the guys went and toured the fireplace store,
and then we all did some crepe eating in downtown Abbeville,
and traveling over to Fairplay together to hold a Plexus informational event
with my Aunt Anna and a couple of my team members in that area.

Finally, after two weeks of travel and good times with family and friends,
as well as just hanging out together, it was time to head toward home.
I don’t know that any of us felt the need to come home again . . .
especially with a fresh foot of snow covering every square inch of Home. :)
“Travel makes one modest. You see what a
But we’ll do it again . . . and yes, we definitely would love to do it again in an RV!
Happy Spring everyone, and here’s hoping for warmer weather very soon!!

{{All of the pictures of our trip that didn’t get added here
are phone/instagram pictures which you can find @shellynissley, #ps2015roadtrip.}}


Birthday Celebrations and Focus Challenge

Note: At the end of this post I mention something that challenged me BIG TIME this week
with my diligence to memorize and help my children memorize Scripture.
And so I just have to ask, how do YOU help your children memorize and how do you motivate/reward them?
I’d love to hear from those who do it! ~Shelly


~Birthday Date with Daddy~

Our first two children were born two years and two week apart, in the summer.
As a result we often did fun outdoor activities and celebrated
with free food at restaurants, free toys at Toys R Us and more over the past years.
It was always so much fun. Except for child number three,
who felt that it was entirely unfair to have been born in the winter . . .
and with no “birthday buddy” at all.

So when baby #4 was due to be born in January,
we were sure to emphasise to #3 that this was definitely now HER birthday buddy. :)
They are three years and a month apart, but it has been fun
to have a “summer set” and now a “winter set”.

This daughter has been a complete surprise in my life, in every sense of the word!
From first learning I was expecting her and seeing blonde hair at birth,
to smiles & laughter day in and day out, while all in the same breath reminding us
nearly every day to pray for “Iraq” which to her means “the persecuted church” in general . . .
and giving her “circle money” to help the poor and needy.
She is a ray of SUNSHINE in our day to day.

And then there is the Baby.
She’s the most sober of all so far,
often observing life with a furrowed brow.
And so, when she smiles at you, you should feel quite special!! :)
She is challenging all of our well-thought “rules” of parenting
that had worked so well with the others up to this point!
Haha! Miss Independant  has arrived . . .
as well as my most difficult teether . . .
the most squishable, huggable, cuddliest,
latest to walk, completely Daddy’s baby . . .
has all worked out to be an amazing combination of
causing us an amazing amount of noisy & stressful car rides
as well as melting of our hearts into puddles
as she presses her little self into us a little closer for hugs and kisses.


I’m so grateful to have her as my third daughter,
and look forward to the ways her personality
will be used by God in the days and years ahead!

I continue to be challenged as I join with my husband to raise these children,
to be eternity focused. In our learning, growing, and living together . . .
One thing that really grabbed my heart this week is the fact
that many children in Muslim families have memorized the Koran
by the time they are eight years old.
Our houseguest this week said that would be comparable to
memorizing half of our Holy Bible. Wow! What!?!?
If people following after a counterfiet are so dedicated and determined
to have their children know and internalize their beliefs,
how much more should I, with the Truth of a Holy God in my hands,
not give more time and careful attention to the Word myself,
as well as help my children to hide it in their hearts as well.
Like I said, that has been my challenge for this week!

Also, talking about this household wouldn’t be complete without a tribute
to the lovely helpers who assist me in various ways:
(I’ve had a few, as they tend to come and go with travels, Bible School, etc.)

Althea has been my house-cleaning & laundry-folding angel two days a week.
She also helps out with story reading, alphabet games,
and math flashcards as needed.
It’s hard to express just how much we all appreciate her!
Perhaps especially when the baby is teething& grumpy as is evident in the picture below! :)

Blessings to you all this week in your particular walks of life!
May the Lord meet you where you are and draw you closer to Himself.
Life is short. Eternity is real. People are hurting and lost and need a Savior.
Let’s be the candle of hope in our corner of the world.


How Do You Plan Your Days? {day planner links}

I know so many of you readers are women
(probably mostly moms!)
who have a lot on your daily docket!
How do you plan your days?
How do you not, “get it all done”,
because I’m convinced that none of us really do it all,
but how do you get the really important stuff done?

How do you prioritize?
How do you delegate?
How do you keep track of it all?
Basically, what is your system?

And I am speaking specifically of your paper system.
Do you use lists, a blank notebook, a detailed planner?
I’d love to hear just because the topic interests me! :)
I’ve been discussing it with a close friend for several months . . .
and this week with a group of other moms who work from home.

I have absolutey loved journals and dayplanners since,
well, since forever . . . but as my life responsibilities change,
from time to time I have to search for the day planner
that is really going to work for me!
And then, perhaps biggest of all,
I just have to USE it and make it work for me!!

So, just for fun, here’s a list of dayplanners I’ve used in the past,
those recommended to me this year by friends who love and use them . . .
or are trying them out this year for the first time.

They range in price from $12.25 – $75.00,
and come in all colors, shapes, sizes . . .
I have to confess that the graphic design aspect
is what trips me up in some of these.
They function well and get rave reviews,
but I really like something that fits my idea
of “pretty” or “stylish” too,
but then again a few of the most beautiful ones
may not function as well as their counterparts.

Have you used any of these or another one entirely?
Which of these do you think you’d like to try?
And if, in the future, this friend and I who love discussing planners,
should HAPPEN to design what we would consider to be
the perfect marriage between beautiful & functional,
do you think the world would be open to one.more.planner?? :)
Not saying we will . . . but we have talked about it!

Have fun browsing . . . and I’d love to hear your take on a day planner!
Happy New Year {real soon}!

Planner Pads

Day Designer

Time Keeper
2015 cover cropped

Erin Condren



Simplified Planner

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