A Few Summer Memories from My Sweet Old Camera

The thing about my phone camera that I love:
I take a *lot* more pictures of daily moments . . . because it’s with me everywhere we go.

The thing about my phone camera that I don’t always like so much:
I pick up my sweet old SLR less often to get those really quality shots.

But today I was looking back over the “capturings” on this sweet old SLR
and decided it was time to do just a little documenting of a few special moments
at summer’s end and the beginning of autumn.

We spend a really great August weekend in Indiana with my Dad’s family on the farm
where I was born and raised the first 10 years of my life.
It was *so* good to see cousins and their children, aunts & uncles again . . . and of course MY family!
These are my lovely sisters in law, sister Katelyn, my beautiful mother, and my daughter. :)

Sleepy-head summer mornings when bed-heads are common and I could just mush all four of them to pieces . . .

Summer sun and fruits and flowers in my kitchen . . . bringing us their last bits of joy before the next season of loveliness:
apples, pumpkins, mums, and other goodies replace them.

Harvest Season beginning . . . fields turning golden . . .

A visit to Virginia in mid September to visit Phil’s grandmother, tour grand caverns, take in a friend’s barn sale,
visit his aunt, and just enjoy some family time together. It was a lovely time!
The pies above are a gift of love from a grandmother to her grandson . . . because she knows that he has always loved her coconut cream pies!
She is a fascinating woman with stories to tell and a gallery of paintings that she has worked on over the years.

That’s it! Short and sweet. More to come soon. :)
I hope you all have a great week!


Our Life is a Breath . . . But the Lord Endures Forever!

“Thou, O LORD, shalt endure forever;
and thy remembrance unto all generations.”

{Celebrating D’s 7th birthday!}

The events of a certain Tuesday night in August
will not soon be forgotten in our family!
How our beautiful daughter escaped a run-in with a golf cart
with minimal abrasions and a fractured ankle seems near-miraculous to us,
and I have been living with a profoundly grateful heart to the Lord
for His gracious hand in protecting her from more serious injury or death.

While making the drive out the long lane to the scene of the accident,
I was praying constantly and crying aloud to God for mercy and grace
for whatever we were going to see and face in the minutes ahead.

And two things were perfectly clear in my mind:
That if my child were to die, the two things I would want her to know would be:
how much I loved her and enjoyed to be with her, and secondly,
how deeply I would long for her to know and love the Word of our God.

The first one is understandable to me because I am, after all, her mother.
But the second desire, so strong in my heart at that moment, surprised me a little!
I know that if any one of my children should pass away in these young ages,
Jesus would carry them gently into Heaven ~ our forever home.
So why this strong desire for them to know Him and love His Word?

It was a clear reminder to me that all of our lives~from beginning to end~
are ordered and ordained by the Lord, and I want this “middle” part
of our existence and time on earth to be just as filled up with Him as our eternity will be.

I want the blessed privilege and joy of introducing them to THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE.
To know that they, as much as is possible while we live on this side of “the dark glass”, knew Him.
To know that their transition from this earth to their forever home is just as natural as breathing.

So that whether we live or die, our lives would be His,
spilling over as a lovely fragrance of worship to Him.
He is worthy!

So, as we begin this week with our more organized “book learnin’” education,
at the forefront of my mind is that deep desire to enjoy the days with my young ones around me,
and in all of the reading & writing, , cutting & pasting, learning & growing,
to love the Lord our God more than anything, and to hide His Word in our hearts.
It’s a treasure rare that will guide us into life abundant here,
and allow us to transition confidently into life eternal whenever He calls us there.

I am ever grateful.

{Celebrating C’s 5th birthday!}

This was my FB post last week which tells about God replacing
Claudia’s favorite shirt which was cut off of her the night she was hurt . . .

Thanking The Lord for His mercies on our family in sparing this beautiful daughter’s life two nights ago.
We don’t know exactly how she escaped a run-in with a golf cart with minimal bruises and just a broken ankle,
but we are grateful. Phil & I know Jesus is the anchor of our souls for the trials and sorrows of life
when things don’t “turn out” as we’d like, but for today we rejoice in the gift of protection and life!

// The mercies of God What a theme for my song
Oh I never could number them o’er
They’re more than the stars in the heavenly dome
Or the sands of the wavebeaten shore 

For mercies so great, What return can I make
For mercies so constant and sure
I’ll love him, I’ll serve Him with all that I have 

As long as my life shall endure 

They greet me at morn when I waken from sleep
And they gladden my heart at the noon 

They follow me on into shades of the night
when the day with its labor is done 

His angels of mercy encompass me round
Wheresoever my pathway may lead
Each turn of the road some new token reveals 

Oh For me life is blessed indeed.//

When the paramedics came, Claudia’s favorite pants and one of her favorite shirts got snipped right off of her . . .
Hours later in the ER when she was coming around to seeming more like her normal self,
one of the first things she mentioned is that she wished they hadn’t cut her clothes . . .
I didn’t have too much hope that we could find an exact replacement but told her we’d check~
and we’d get her a similar one if we could.
Her Aunt Lil, knowing about this, stopped at Carter’s yesterday and later sent me this text,
“Clearance.thee ONLY one.size 6x.how’s that for God loves claudia?!!”

The EXACT shirt and size she had before . . . And the only one left?
Yes, that was a tear-jerker for this mother!



{At an earlier date with the favorite shirt. :)}

Holding them near . . . and purposing to love the Lord and His Word as we journey on together!

“For all flesh is like grass, and all its glory like a flower of the grass.
 The grass withers, and the flower falls,but the word of the Lord endures forever.
And this is the word that was preached as the gospel to you.”


Deals that Won’t Last Long . . .

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