A Wedding!

When you have knelt by your husband’s side and heard him pray many prayers
for a wonderful wife for his much-loved brother . . .

When you’ve spent many evenings and weekends with this said brother
at the mountain cabin or had him over for a lot of meals through the years . . .
and have so often wished that a woman would be at his side
{both for his sake and mine as the sister in law. :)}
the whirlwind courtship and beautiful wedding are almost {almost}as exciting as your own!!

It has been wonderful to see how God brought these two together,
in His own good timing and in His own good way!
It was a beautiful, God-honoring wedding,
and sometimes {to be very honest}, I still have to *pinch* myself
to believe that it’s all true! Chad is really married!! :)

We’ve said for years that he was going to make someone a *very* good husband . . .
and to see the sweet woman that God had for him in Bethany,
the one who is certainly not afraid to exclaim over him
and tell all of the in-laws how EXCITED she was to get married . . .
{no one ever had to guess at her feelings for Chad!},
it’s all been a lot of fun to watch and be part of!


Collage 1
 . . . at a Beautiful Historic Quaker Meeting House

Collage 2
Collage 4
????????~Mr & Mrs . . . forever and always . . . til death do them part~

Collage 6
????????The Nissley Clan!


Collage 3Place Setting Cards & Polaroid Pictures

????????Southern Food

????????Table Decor

????????The Cake!

????????The Groom’s Cake :)

????????The sweetest family photographers ever.
And did I mention fun? :)

Collage 7Our husbands’ siblings got married . . . how crazy is that?!
So we got to spend parts of several days together. Yay!

Congratulations Bethany & Chad! Looking forward to good times ahead!

The End, no wait . . . the happy beginning! :)



A Hello!

{it’s been too long!}

But you know what they say . . . “you will never get it all done, so you must choose the most important.”

Blogging has always been important to me because it is a record of sorts of our family life. It is a way for me to express gratefulness and life lessons and share bits of our life with family, friends, and even folks I haven’t met. But, wow, for a variety of reasons, the past few months have been a whirlwind that continued to push blogging aside . . . “for later” . . . “when I have a quiet moment” . . . “after this” . . . and so on!

Life with four children is busy, as is homeschooling, a family wedding, vacation, family visits, and probably the biggest of all: finding myself loving to share a wonderful little pink drink called Plexus Slim, and as a result stumbling across a growing business from home that is an answer to heart prayers of mine for the past several years!

More about all these things in future posts, I’m sure!
But for now, just a little recap of a few of our favorite times in the past several months.

That one warm summer-like day in April when we took a Sunday hike,
before we returned 
to the chilly days of spring which have been a theme for this year!



That day in May when the outside world had really and truly
finally turned green . . . and children were set free to play after a long winter!


That Mother’s Day Morning when I fed the hungry as usual,

but was gifted sweet notes and flowers and fat little balloons
from the man and the children who think me wonderful {somehow}
even when I am so inadequate for this huge wonderful calling of motherhood!!

????????{life is wonderful . . . and real! :)}

That May day when the hay gets cut for the first time,
and all the neighborhood children are part of the “festivities”.


That baby whom we treasure and love
who was four months old in May!


That Spring when we begin using our back porch every chance we got,

including the birthday celebration of the man we love
and who leads and loves and provides 
for us generously!


And that has been a little of our life!
More to come . . . and thanks for reading . . .
and for allowing me to slip back into your world
after such a long absence!

I am blessed with so many dear family members and friends around this country and world!
And may I ask if you would bring my sister in law Marla before the throne of grace just now?
She has been in the hospital for nearly a week, due to a severe food allergy reaction.
She has had this happen before when she has come into contact with this particular food,
but it’s never been so severe or lasted this long. Epi pens and Epi by IV just isn’t taking care of it like usual.
Please, please pray! I so appreciate it, and I know Jeremy and Marla do as well. Thank you!


One Gift After Another!

Because Jesus is F U L L of grace and truth,
we A L L have received one. gift. after. another.
Yes and Amen.
Spiritual blessings too many to count . . .
and day to day blessings that make our lives beautiful.
I am so grateful for these:

Students eager to learn!
With a 1st grader, one just beginning Kindergarten work,
and another who loves to do “skoo wuk” too,
plus a babe that needs feeding or rocking at least once during school hours,
I sometimes feel pulled in, well, exactly FOUR directions.

But it’s a privilege to teach them.
I love to see their minds and hearts filling with good things.
Whether it’s becoming speedy in adding & subtracting,
painstakingly writing their names in cursive & print,
the smile that lights a face with the joy of learning to read a story book,
reciting “The Elephant” poem
and the Pledge of Allegiance
and John verses to their Daddy at night,
painting, cutting, gluing, coloring,
and making so many things for their Gramma far away,
(It’s time to send another envelope full of the things they give me to send to her.)

school 1

I overheard Claudia saying to herself the other day while coloring a gigantic picture,
“Eech binn sure es Gramma selt des appreciate-a”.
And for those who can’t read half-dutchified English, that was,
“I am sure that Gramma will appreciate this.”
Yes, daughter. I am sure that she will. :) It was indeed a labor of love.

This Kitchen:
with it’s lengths of counter space and drawers and the pantry where we stash things,
and it’s lovely window that lets in so much light, even on cloudy days,
making food photography a dream and allowing us to keep our own neighborhood watch. :)

And the things that we make in it:
food 2
food 1
1.Apple-pear tart 2.Kombucha 3.Deviled eggs
4.Spicy Thai beef stew and chocolate coconut macaroons
5. Flour-less brownies 6.Pizza with cauliflower crust

Date Night:
date 1
We don’t go as often as we’d love to,
but we treasure the times that we are able to get away!

church 1
Worship to Jesus, fellowship with our church family in the morning,
rest and quietness in the afternoons,
fun family outings in the evenings . . . or more fun at home!
It’s one of our favorite days of the week!

Some days I can hardly believe that I have THREE of them.
What a fun, noisy, chattery, giggly, emotional,
super helpful little “mommys” and lovers of beautiful things they are,
including beautiful music, ballet, PINK, and frilly.
Their brother and daddy keep them well rounded in the “rustic” out-doorsy side
of life as well . . . and they proved to be great hikers this weekend! :)

This Bebe:
{one month old}

* * * * * *


{two months old}

* * * * * *

{perky and oh so soft. mellllllt me.}




{staring . . .}


{sucking. oh that beloved thumb.}

{those toes. that adorbs diaper from the Honest Company. love.
three months of baby sweetness. a priceless gift that I do. not. take. for granted.}

So many friends have lost their precious babe or have not been able to conceive.
I don’t understand these things. Not.at.all.
I only know to thank Him and worship with what He has given.
Inwardly I think, “Sometimes my life seems too easy.”
But neither do I want or ask for the hard things!
So even in all of this, I must trust, worship, and walk by faith . . .
T R U S T my Father as this sweet one trusts me.

For these and many more good gifts, I am grateful. Thank you, Jesus.

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