::A New Bebe in Our Nest::

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~ Chamberlain Lee ~

It’s kind of a miracle that I’m here to write.
But when a true miracle once again enters your world, I guess other miracles happen too. :)
Our family welcomed this little man into our home five weeks ago!
We are loving and enjoying him tremendously, and it hardly seems right
that he’s growing so quickly and is already pushing out of his newborn clothes!

Chamberlain means “officer in the King’s service” and we pray that for all of his life,
he will live in the service of the King of Kings, Jesus!

We also greatly love and respect the character of Chamberlain, a general in the Civil War,
who was so kind, courageous, and loved his country and his men deeply.
He made tough decisions in difficult times that made a huge impact
on his men and on the future of our country!
Phil and I are aware that our sons will likely live in more difficult times
than what we do now, and we pray that they will be courageous men of God,
leaders in their times, who will love the Lord and do what is right no matter the cost.

One might think that we chose “Lee” for another great Civil War general,
but we actually chose it because Phil’s paternal grandmother’s maiden name was “Lee” . . .
but being from Virginia, the family has often claimed relation to General Robert E. Lee,
though full proof of the claim has yet to be validated. :)

he gathering in my room on the Sunday afternoon (one day) after Chamberlain’s birth.
Some brought food, some came to hold bebe, and I also got a foot rub out of the deal. :)

My one-and-only . . . He took such great care of me and kiddos these past weeks.
Made great breakfasts and brought me coffee and news. <3

Oh, my heart.
Love of my life …. we have three daughters and two sons.
So blessed.
So grateful!





::the sisters::

::paternal grandmother::

::waking to this tiny human beside me, melts me, yes it does….::


::Many of my friends and I are having a baby boom among us,
and it’s so much fun to love on each other and our little ones!::


IMG_2122 2
“You can tell we have #lotsakids just by the way things are!” :)

IMG_3707 2
::The Drama Queen Sister::

IMG_3708 2
Snuggles all around. One bebe on his lap, and one on mine.

IMG_3709 2

IMG_3711 2
M y heart is full with all the bebe sounds and smells and I’m trying to hang on to each moment
as I can see that this little one is already changing too quickly for me to keep up with! <3
So very grateful for this little one.


Every Morning Granola

Demand was high after I posted that rainy-day instagram of me and my (as of late), every-morning granola!! :)

So though I freely admit that the recipe genius is my lovely sister-in-law, I will gladly pass along the tips so that you too can have the best-ever breakfast, snack, parfait, and dessert experiences~ all from ONE canister of granola in your kitchen! :) But beware! Your family will scarf it AND you’ll be tempted to give it away by the jars-full . . . because you just want to share the love. So stock up your pantry now with extra ingredients because you’ll be making granola for dazzzzz!!

The Recipe!

7 cups rolled oats
2 cups Rice Krispies
2 cups coconut
2 cups slivered almonds
1.5 cups Turbinado raw sugar
1 cup almond meal
1 cup flax seeds, ground
1 cup wheat germ or bran
1 tsp. salt
**Mix dry ingredients together.**

1 cup olive oil
(or sub some coconut oil)
1 cup water
1 T. Vanilla
dash of maple flavoring
1 large squirt honey
**Mix well and pour over dry ingredients.**

Spread onto 2-3 sheet pans and bake @ 300 degrees for 20 minutes,
then 225 for an hour or two.

The clusters . . . oh the glorious clusters!! <3

Shaved coconut or Maple Madagascar vanilla coconut is preferred ~ causing more “chunks” to form!
Pecan halves instead of almonds are great!
“Dark roast” granola brings out the flavors beautifully and is our favorite!!

Enjoy immensely!!
Eat it plain as a snack.
Granola & Milk
Yogurt & Granola & Fruit Parfaits
Yogurt on top of ice cream ~ oh yum.
Bake, Eat, Repeat.
Like I said . . . granola for dazzzz!!!

Morning bedheads sneaking fresh granola off the trays…

The ones who gather at my kitchen island . . .


Happy Thursday to All!!
Looks like it’s going to be a glorious Spring weekend ahead!!


A Quick “Hello!”

It’s awkward coming back to say “hi” from the blog.
But, Hello, anyway!

We haven’t exactly been connecting regularly here. And I miss that! I miss you!
Frequently I talk to people who tell me . . .
or I think back to when I first met some of the wonderful people in my life . . .
and we remember that our first meetings, so many of those first introductions,
happened through either my blog or theirs! It’s been a true gift!

Sharing bits of our lives in words and pictures allows us a place to learn to know each other in a small part.
And I love that this then often translates into REAL LIFE friendships somewhere down the road . . .
it’s like a postcard view of someone’s life and home before you actually get there!


The need and love to compile words never leaves me though~even when I don’t write much here.
That need just gets satisfied in quick little blurbs on my Instagram, most of all,
which isn’t completely terrible . . . because with a business and as a mother of four,
it feels that my mind and my time only has room for little bits of writing here and there.

And, did you know!? One of my FAVORITE things I discovered about Instagram
is that all those sweet little pictures and journaled words can be printed in the cutest,
best, most beautiful little book at the end of the year, and ta-da! . . .
at least parts of our life are documented and “scrapbooked” without any extra time or effort on my part!

So if you’re an “instagrammer” too, you may want to check out this chatbooks link! :)



As much as I feel the need to compile my thoughts and share words in writing,
I just as desperately (and more so!) feel that continual hunger and need to read!
Winter has always been such a great time for extra reading, and this year is no exception.
Phil & I have been reading these books to the children this week:
Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims
Rush Revere and the American Revolution
Anne of Green Gables

and more…

I am personally loving Sally Clarkson’s new book,
The Lifegiving Home: Creating a Place of Belonging and Becoming
as well as the companion workbook,
The Lifegiving Home Experience: A 12-Month Guided Journey
I’m currently using these as my sort of Bible-study as I look up the Scriptures,
journal, and pray over how I can incorporate and be a wise woman
who builds up my household during this season of our lives!

And speaking of this season:
school books, potty training, hundreds of meals,
pencils, messy paints, dolls, legos,
flashcards, missing shoes, laundry through the roof,
two-year-old flooding a basement (yes, this happened)
spats and fights, endless hugs & kisses . . .
it all gets a little, shall we say, overwhelming at times!?!? Ha!
It’s mentors like Sally and their encouraging words
who breath aged wisdom and life back into my bones
and point me to God’s grace for yet another day . . .
another day to impress and love young souls for eternity and love them well.
This blog post, Cultivating Wonder in the Heart of a Child & Mama,
was one of those breaths of fresh air!
I need the reminders that it’s ok to let go of all the “should be done’s” now and then!!
Sometimes you just need to drop “all of that” and go on an adventure! :)

OH! And this. Exactly this on why I won’t limit my household to just 30 books~gasp-out-loud at the thought! :),
and why, in this digital age, I still love and will encourage my children to read real books!!
We are people of words and THE WORD! Just absolutely loved Edie’s post about all of this!
3 Reasons You Should Still Build a Family Library.


IMG_9129 2

IMG_9130 2{You can imagine the delight of these girlies and their mother
when the Man in our lives took us on a Valentines Day “adventure” for Lily’s Sushi
and then just next door to Talula’s Table for steamers and sweet treats!!}

Happy Wednesday and let’s stay in touch! 😉

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