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Meaningful Gifts & Beautiful Home Decor

I’ve been wanting to make you friends aware of a sale happening all month at Dayspring, a favorite shopping spot of mine! And now, here it is, just 10 days left in the month, so listen up! :)

72849{From the Redeemed Collection: Everything beautiful in it’s time.
Vintage Glass Vase}

I had my first lovely encounter with a host of Dayspring products and the sweet spirits of the Dayspring employees at a conference several years back, and I’ve been excited about their message of Christ’s love and hope and the many products they make available to us to share that message in our homes and with those around us.

lampBROWN-framed (1){Lovely Art from the Jones Design Company Collection on my wish list!}


{Journals of all types . . . }

In the month of July, everything is 25% off when you use code SUMMER25 at checkout. This includes items that are already discounted, making for some fabulous deals! Also, if you spend $50.00 or more, you receive free shipping. So if you need a couple of great gifts or home decor items run right on over to their store as fast as your click of a mouse can take you!


Caddy (1)

{I bought this caddy a couple of years ago and really like it.
I’ve used it in the kitchen, as well as for organizing markers and pencils
and paint brushes in the school room.}

I personally own several items from the Redeemed collection which I just love! I used the makeup bag as a purse for a whole summer, and now as my cosmetic bag. The overnight bag goes with me on every trip, either filled with clothes for overnight, but more often filled with books and other fun stuff for a longer trip. Oh, and the jewelry from this same collection is beautiful and some pieces are now on clearance. The Redeemed bracelet goes with so many outfits and I wear it a lot!

57636 (1)

57633 (1)

57618 (1)

So take a look at the cards, journals, tableware and art, plus many more beautiful items . . . and don’t forget to use the sale code available til the end of this month. This is one of the biggest sales of the year, so happy shopping!


Disclosure: I am an affiliate partner with Dayspring, meaning that I receive a small profit from each sale made.
Thank you for helping me and my family help to support children through Bridge of Hope and Compassion International in this way.

THM {the skinny on my recent favorite book & club}

They arrive on my doorstep once again.
It’s Wednesday morning and the little road
that leads to my house will hardly see a busier day this week!

I greet their smiling faces,
these lovely women
and their sweet children,
as they come from the near and far
corners of our county.


{l-r: yours truly, hilda, rosanna, jenn, joanna, shannon, cindy, thelma, and melissa}

It’s time for another few hours
of wonderful conversation, laughter,
sharing our frustrations and victories,
{both with the scales we KNOW lied to us last week,
but which is speaking in our favor again this morning,
or with the latest, greatest recipe we have discovered}.


Welcome to the local chapter of
The Trim Healthy Mama Book Club!

Trim and Healthy.
But did we also mention delicious?!
Great information!?
And fun!?

Yes. And the journey has only just begun!



Early last year when I saw whisperings
for a new book yet to be printed called, Trim Healthy Mama,
I preordered my own copy and waited hopefully
for September’s first printing!

I had read about a few of Serene & Pearl’s ways of cooking
and eating here and there though the pages of Above Rubies Magazine.
And I was so excited to finally get my hands on their book
which, amid families and homeschooling
and lots of time spent in the ktichen,
had taken them five years to complete!”

September came . . . and so did my very own copy
of this {now} blockbuster book!
I began reading . . . and reading . . . and reading.


It’s a thick book, chuck full of good information
on the “science” behind the “S”, “E” or “FP” meals,
hormone issues, natural skin care,
a one week fuel pull week for stubborn weight loss,
effective exercise, the authors’ personal stories,
many great recipes . . . and much more!

{It’s been said that if more husbands knew
the things encouraged in this book
they’d be out in droves buying this for their wives.
Um, yes. Well, we’ll leave it at that
and let each wife discover for herself, shall we? :)}

One thing I so love about this book and approach to eating,
is that it isn’t a fad diet, but a wonderful “coming together”
of so many of the other books on whole foods
and healthy living that I’ve been reading in recent years.
Books like The Maker’s Diet,
Making Babies,
and several more.
All are on track and books that I so appreciate
for their own area of expertise.

Trim Healthy Mama {THM},
for me, adds one more element
that is so important, and that is to know
how blood sugar and insulin levels are effected by food,
and how to enjoy wonderful, delicious,
whole foods in a way that will help me
to feel great {no sugar rushes} and to stay trim
instead of packing on the pounds!

For more detailed information about the book itself,
including a printable shopping list, and great recipes,
here is one of the best book reviews I have read
for Trim Healthy Mama.


And so . . . to tackle the learning curve,
to introduce more women to the book,
and to surround myself with a support group
for something that I see as a lifestyle change,
I asked around to see if others would be interested
in joining a Trim Healthy Mama Book Club
at my house for a few months.

Quite a number of friends,
as well as others who I only knew
through a friend or by a connection made through this blog,
were interested . . . and so the group was formed!


 So, this, our last “official” book club morning at my house
turned out to be bigger and better than ever!
Each woman was able to come,
bringing with her each. and. every. one. of her children,
which came to a grand total of twenty-three!!!

gratitudejournal 29{Lunch with some of the clan!}

, we have a partially finished basement where they could play,

and more importantly, we hired a wonderfully responsible 16-year-old
to watch, read to, play with, and do over-all monitoring of this tribe. :)
{And hats off to my friends who are raising pleasant,
well-mannered, responsible children as well!}

trim healhty food 1
trim healthy food

trim healhty mama food 3

{Wisdom from children of Trim Healthy mothers.}


So after an hour or so of book discussion,
we migrate to the kitchen
where the ladies begin to set out
the wonderful food they’ve prepared
and are proud to share with the rest of us.


Our first meeting’s menu included:
A big salad w/ seasoned chicken & creamy dressing,
mini pepperoni pizza cups
and a mocha cheesecake.

{These foods all fit into the “S” category
of satisfying foods, which means they
contained plenty of healthy fats,
but very little or no carbs at all.}


Menu #2
Chicken Ceasar Wraps
Homemade Berry Ice Cream
and coffee w/cream

{again, an “S” meal}

img_5965{I think they loved the food, though expressions could cause one to wonder. :)}

Menu #3
Trim Healthy Pancakes {oh, they are so good!}
w/ berry syrup & greek yogurt sauce
Turkey Bacon
Chocolate and Berry Frappes

{an energizing “E” meal because there is minimal fat
but is a little higher in healthy carbs}



Menu #4
Chicken/Shrimp Pad Thai
Lemon Muffins
Homemade Berry Ice Cream


{The Pad Thai is actually a “Fuel Pull”
because we used the ever-growing-in-famousness
Konjac noodles (also known as Miracle Noodles)
which means that it had very little fat
and very few carbs,
making it a meal to really PULL
and use stored fats in the body.}


The only thing is . . .
we kind of turned this meal into an “S”
by the time all was eaten and done
because of the most awesome,
most delicious & decadent
Lemon Muffins which we also consumed,
plus a bit more of that lovely ice cream.


OK, if you’ve followed me thus far,
you must be a very patient person.
I feel like I’m fumbling along to both:
a) tell you about the wonderful book club
b) to educate you just a wee bit on what exactly
Trim Healthy eating might involve.

Oh and in case you wondered,
there are recipes for all of the above mentioned foods!
Some come from the book,
and some come from our own creativity
or the innovation of other women
in blogland who are also cooking
and baking the Trim, Healthy way.

In this thing, you are definitely not a loner!
Even if you don’t have a local support group
to learn from and hang out with,
there is quite a large online community
that is bursting at the seams with
Q&A’s, encouragement, success stories,
daily inspiration, and yummy eats!

So just assuming that you might perhaps
like to know how we made these great meals,
check back again, and as time allows,
I will either give you the recipe myself
or link you to the website where it can be found!

First up will be the Pad Thai recipe,
coming tomorrow!*****

So that’s that.
We have lost WEIGHT too!

Since early-mid January,
the total combined weight that eight of us have lost
eating and exercising the Trim Healthy Mama way
is approximately 55 pounds!

It’s been slower going for some,
but still a steady downward trend!
Others dropped their weight more quickly.

Just as there are so many different body types
and stages of life,
and also the level of diligence
with which we apply ourselves to the cause . . .
it all gives us our unique story!

But as one friend said,
We ALL lost.
No one gained.
and we are on a roll
with continuing to lose . . .

So that’s our happy story and we’re stickin’ to it. :)

The ninth member in our group has lost
a very significant amount using another,
faster weight loss program,
but wanted to join along
with our group because she wants to learn
and apply Trim Healthy
lifestyle and eating plans into her life
for continued weight loss and maintenance.
We are so proud of her for sticking to her current plan
and for putting up with the rest of us
as we talked and discussed all manner of THM things!


And now our book club is officially ended.
But it seems we can’t bare to part ways for good.
So we have plans to get together at Melissa’s house
in about a month for more learning in essential oils.

When Spring comes we might meet at the park
so our many littles can run and be wild,
and I’m sure we’ll bring lunch to share.

Rosanna suggested a girls’ night out.
{You know one of those nights where the fathers
take their turns with the 23 young ones!} :)
Now there’s a great idea!
It would be a celebration of good food,
goals reached,
and lasting friendships made . . .
with uninterrupted conversation!

Sounds like a HEALTHY plan to me.

Thanks for reading. It’s been a pleasure to tell this story!

And so many, many thanks to these friends
{’cause I know they are going to read this!}
who have brought food, picked up the baby sitter,
shared ideas and encouragement,
brought food for the children,
snapped pictures of the children at our last meeting,
and plenty more that I’m probably forgetting.

You all know which “thanks” is meant for you. :)

Little Hat {Giveaway}

And we have a winner!
Oh, you all make giveaways fun. :)
I loved to read your cap and color choices,
and was also thrilled to hear about the babies
who have just been born or will be born
sometime this year!

Our winner, chosen by random.org is in fact expecting!
And her name is


She said,
“LOVE the hats!!
And being preggo makes me want a little one for this little one :)
Probably would go neutral or white.”

Congratulations on being winner, Wilma, but even more, on that baby who will wear the hat. :)
I will contact you with the details.


Last year, just a few weeks before Christmas,
I contacted Rosa about crocheting a couple of hats for my girls . . .
and in time for Christmas too, if she could manage.
{I don’t tend to be last minute or anything~ever! sarcasm}

She asked for approximate sizes/head measurements,
colors that I preferred, and within a very short time,
a few days if I remember right,
the hats were finished and delivered!

img_5381{charcoal grey hat with white & grey flower}

I loved them.
I still love them!
And you can imagine my great sadness when,
only a week or two later,
we lost Sophia’s hat
at the church where my brother got married.
We searched high and low~to no avail.
I called the church later to check with their lost & found.
I then left information
on how to contact me or mail the hat to me
if they should ever find it.

A few weeks later . . .
after the bride & groom returned from their honeymoon,
my new sister-in-law messaged me to say
that a darling little gray hat was found among her pile of things
gathered together and brought to her house from the church.

img_5370{White Flower on White Hat}

Oh. Happiness.
I was thrilled and so thankful!

So. That’s the dramatic beginning of life with hats we love. :)
This season with the hats has been far calmer (and they still fit very well!),
and of course, we’d like to keep it that way.

Except to say, that we have loved our hats so much,
that we would like to introduce you to Rosa, the “hatmaker”

561804_3570400310790_491235490_n{Beautiful Rosa . . .
with photo
 taken by her talented
photographer-sister, Diane}

And in celebration of these “introductions” being made today,
Rosa has graciously offered to give one hat to a reader of this blog.

The randomly-chosen winner will choose one hat
for either a boy or a girl (from newborn to about 5 years),
and discuss the details of design & color with Rosa herself.

baby hat collage 1{little boy hats with button detail.
this boy and his mama’s hats
are enough to make me reeeally
want another baby boy!}

1.) So to enter, please comment and share a color combination you’d be most likely to choose
if you won {of course, all color choices are limited to Rosa’s current stock
or what she is willing/able to get for you. :)}

2.) For one extra entry, you may “like” or share this post on Facebook.
{and when you do, please leave a second comment on here on the blog
saying that you did.}

US mailing addresses only, please.

Happy February . . . in these on-going C.O.L.D. winds of winter
that we have been experiencing the past few weeks!

Keep those little kidders’ ears warm, please,
and consider ordering from Rosa when you need a new hat!

She charges $12 for newborn to 12 month old sizes,
and $15 for 1-5 years old, plus S&H.
You can message her through her Facebook page
with questions or orders.

This giveaway will close on February 27th.
Thank you.

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