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A Wedding in the North {Jeremy & Marla}

What a month, this month of September!

It has been a month of travel and weddings
and out-of-the-ordinary activities for our family.
{one wedding in the North down, one wedding in the South to go.
one hunting trip to Montana almost complete for the husband.
sweet times of renewing friendships through extra “girl time” for the wife.
two weeks of a smashing good time with grandparents
in Kenora for the two eldest children . . . }

* * * * * * * * * * *

I have so many lovely memories to share,
but for now we will relive the beauty of . . .


IMG_0131{Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Yoder}

Our family met and came to know Marla’s family when J & M were quite young~
perhaps five and seven years old?
We found ourselves in the same circle of home educators
after our family moved into the Kenora area,
and they were part of a church group with whom our family had frequent interaction.

Her parents owned several stores in town,
as well as a beautiful camp on the lake . . .
Our mothers hit it off and became friends . . .

In our early 20’s, my sister Heidi and I  (along with our mother’s help),
hosted a girls’ club in our home for young ladies from Christian homes.
We had done clubs for years, but that year I had a specific desire
to reach out to girls who already had a great Christian foundation in their lives,
to encourage and challenge them in their walk with Jesus,
as well as pass along tips and and practical advice for homemaking.
. . . And Marla was always a favorite attendee!
I loved to have her sweet, quiet presence there . . .
and she had a great smile and laugh. :)

Back in those days it never, never, occurred to me that she would one day
make a lovely, beautiful bride for my youngest brother,
although brides for our brothers was something we prayed about together from time to time~
with great fervency!!
{As Jeremy’s older sisters, Heidi and I were still much, much too occupied with “training him up right”
and making sure he “turns out well” to be thinking about the details of who his future bride might be . . .
{And believe me, as the youngest of the three brothers, he certainly required most of our attention!!} 😉

But the day has come, and it has been so exciting to see God work in their lives
to orchestrate the details of their faith, friendship, courtship, and finally now, their marriage!

As I stand by and watch the proceedings,
I am blessed and grateful to Jesus for His Faithfulness.

* * * * * * *


The wedding programs were beautiful!

A few of the FUN FACTS listed on the back of the program:
Rather than asking for a raise, Jeremy asked to date his boss’s daughter.
Jeremy asked Marla out twice before she said “yes” . . . third times a charm.
At some point while driving together,
Marla and Jeremy will most likely break on in song . . . usually opera.
Since they share a love for road trips, the couple decided to go on one for their honeymoon.

north wedding 1My daughters, pleased as punch to be flower girls, and waiting to walk in
along with two of Marla’s sweet nieces . . .
The sad part about being busy on a wedding day
is that you don’t get all the pictures you’d want,
so my collection feels a little scattered,
but I’m happy for these at least!

IMG_7782Special music by our aunt and cousins from South Carolina

IMG_0012The groom seating the bride’s mother

IMG_0018The Beautiful Bride & her maids waiting to enter

IMG_0020The moments so full of emotion: when the groom sees his bride and
when the father gives her over to the gallant young man!

IMG_0021Welcome & Prayer by my Dad, Father of the Groom

IMG_0023Singing Praise to the Lord of our Lives and Our Love Stories . . .


* * * * * * *

And they are married!!

north wedding 2




* * * * * * *

A couple of fun shots at the camp and lake home of the bride.
Their photographer was amazing, and you could tell he loved his job!
I’m looking forward to seeing his works
{this is his Facebook page},
but for now, here are a few photos
that I was able to get on my camera.

IMG_0147This most lovely location on the lake . . . it was a glorious day!



IMG_0122Beautiful Ashley with two of her daughters.

IMG_0118My brothers! {In neon pink socks and Toms shoes, I might add.}

IMG_0114My parents with Jeremy & Marla

IMG_0138Ben & Zahra

IMG_7728Vincent & Heidi and little Chloe

IMG_0108My children’s only cousin on the Yoder side so far . . .
{We’re expecting a large increase
with my youngest sister Katelyn, whom we will be guarding
from any male attention for, oh, the next 10 years at least!
Because single aunties are just the very best!! :)


These lovebirds . . . enjoying the festivities
and patiently biding the time til their own wedding,
just 20 days after this wedding!!

* * * * * *

And then . . . just a few of our own family on the best craigslist-couch-find EVER!!
{Marla knows how to find treasures!}

IMG_0098My bridegroom and I seven and a half years after we said “I do” in this very town . . .

. . . . and the fun we’re having now!! :)
We highly recommend both marriage and children~
gracious gifts from the Lord who designed them for our benefit and His glory!

* * * * * * *

I was occupied with the photo booth at the reception,
and have few pictures of the gorgeous affair . . .
but, oh, how lovely and delicious and enjoyable everything was!

Marla’s forethought and attention to detail was evident in the lovely decor,
and her parents treated us all to a superb full course meal.


The hors d’oeuvrs served prior to the meal were my personal favorite!
There was carmelized onion & goat cheese focaccia
dill & cream cheese stuffed vegetables,
smoked salmon on bread, and more!

j & m reception 8 j & m reception 1
j & m reception 3 j & m reception 2

Everything was absolutely lovely!

* * * * * * * *

The photo booth was a fun thing to do!
Here are some of the wonderful folks who stopped by.
{If anyone would like a photo in a higher resolution,
please message me on Facebook or send me an email @
shellynissley@gmaill.com . . . and I’ll be happy to share.}

Friends of Jeremy & Marla were guests of honor
present with us at the ceremony & reception through the technology of Skype
They live in North Korea and absolutely hated to miss the wedding,
but were able to give a meaningful speech
share a few thoughts, and make us all laugh
from their early morning thousands of miles away!

Her mom and I even gave them their own little session in the photo booth! :)

j & m reception 6 j & m reception 7 j & m reception 5 j & m reception 4j & m reception 9j & m reception 10
 * * * * *

I’d like to say a final CONGRATULATIONS!! to the new MR & MRS.

May the Lord bless you and keep you.
May He make His face to shine upon you,
and be gracious unto you.
May He lift up the Light of His countenance upon you,
and give you peace.

I love you both!!


Savoring the Last Bits of Summer

It has become a tradition for us. Once a summer we make the little drive to Pinnacle Point overlooking the great Susquehanna River.

Summer seemed to pass us by at alarming speeds this year, and before we knew it, two weeks ago we were looking at the end of another beautiful season, with travel plans for parts of September that wouldn’t allow us many more opportunities to spend a beautiful Sunday evening at the Point. So though I was feeling lazy after my Sunday afternoon nap, the good man of the house with more courage than I, packed up the burgers and children, while I added a few more good things to the collection. :)

We enjoyed our burgers, reading on the quilt, taking a little hike, marveling once again at the beauty of God’s handiwork, and reminiscing about previous trips to this spot and how quickly our children are changing and growing!



IMG_7204{this man: the spice and adventure in my life . . .
and a great griller of burgers too!}

IMG_7252{this boy: growing too quickly for me to keep up, and teaching me to treasure the time we have together.}

IMG_7243{this girl: teaching me to be gentle with my words and actions . . .
and to always take time for snuggles.}

IMG_7237{this girl: making me laugh every day and teaching me the joy of a free spirit.}
IMG_7320{Summer is coming to a close . . . and the hints of Autumn are in the air.
The surety of the seasons reminds me always of the faithfulness of our Lord.
He is so Good.}


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