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12 New Things [Redo Children’s Room]

It’s done! Finally. I think.

Thanks to Phil . . . . who painted [we went from green to . . . green!) and put my “new” carpet in while I was away for the weekend the last of October~what a super-dad to manage all of that with 2 young ones around his feet!

To Lil . . . who is always there to bounce ideas off of, who searches craigslist for me and alerts me to deals in the mornings before I can even finish giving the kiddos their breakfast, and who has been known to take me to a local auction AND do the bidding for me when I want an item . . . ’cause I just don’t like to bid!

And to Clarita . . . whose creative mind and lovely ideas are always an inspiration to me. She has been on the receiving end of plenty of phone calls in the past month or two as I have tried to complete this project! AND did you know you can buy things from her or get her to do little projects for you out of her lovely little cottage? She made the delightful silhouettes of my children which now hang above their bed. Just one more thing I wanted to get done, but with so many things to do before baby . . . it was a REALLY good idea to have her do it for me!

And Thelma . . . She is a *whiz* with making roman shades from old mini blinds (the one pictured in the children’s room), as well as ones made new “from scratch” (she made one for the baby room that I love!). 

If you link back to the first post on 12 New Things, you’ll see that my decorating project was listed as a goal for October . . . which then got moved up to November . . . and now I’m finally posting about it in December! I’d still like to make a few more little pillows with red flowers for the bed and repaint the frame of the mirror . . . but other than that, I’m quite happy when I walk into their room.

It finally feels put together and peaceful.

A few before shots . . . and like I read somewhere recently, you can make the after pics looks better if the before pics are messy and full of stuff. I think these fit in that category. :)

And after . . .

One more thing done on that list of “to do’s” before baby . . . :)

12 New Things [Painting & Distressing Furniture]

If you go read my first post in this series, you’ll see that I’ve rearranged a couple of the goals/months. But I live in “real life” where things don’t always happen according to plans, you know,  so I’m finally here to report on the project that was finished last month!
Also, you might want to link back to this lady’s blog since she started the whole “12 New Things” in motion in the first place.
Well, don’t look too close, but there are areas on this furniture, especially the dresser, that need another coat or two of paint, I think. But I sort of ran out of paint and motivation at about the same time. I have since then purchased another can of paint . . . but if and when I do another coat remains to be seen. Maybe when it really needs a coat? After little fingers and toys have dinged and banged and dirtied it up a little?
Before & After

Oh, and for the ‘distressing’ part . . . I started on the head board a little, but then decided to leave both the headboard and dresser distressing for another day . . . when I get tired of the fresh, new paint job. It’s just so hard for me to rub off that nice paint!

Before & After

But, wow! I am happy with the results of white paint! Adds so much cheer and brightness to this room, and really gave this furniture new life! I again thank Diane for sending tips my way and even stopping in a time or two to check my progress and give encouragement.

Next up will be the kiddos’ room completely finished [we hope]! There again my energy and motivation can sometimes fail me . . . but I have recruited the help of a couple of friends who are experts in home decor, so I hope to have things ready to ‘show’ in the next few weeks!

Are you learning any new skills~with or without a list of 12 Things? I’d love to see/hear all about it. Link to your blog if you care to share.

12 New Things [Making Cheese]

If you’ll remember, I made a list of 12 new things to learn~one a month~in this next year.

This month I cheated a bit and skipped ahead to the thing I had ‘to learn’ next April . . . just because I was excited to try my hand at making cheese when I found this simple recipe and the beautiful pictures on the lovely blog of Yvonne Pratt.

[She arranges the. most. amazing. tablescapes, takes lovely pictures of it all, writes up mouth-watering menues, and, and, well leaves me wide-eyed, hungry, jealous, or ALL THREE in the process!! I met her earlier this year at our ladies’ tea at church when she taught several sessions on characteristics of God. This season she is teaching on prayer, and I just love learning from her! . . .]

Anyway, back to the cheese. What a fun, domestic, makes-me-feel-like-a-real-old-timey-pioneer-woman, thing to do! I made it last Monday in the midst of baking French bread and pumpkin cookies, getting dinner started, and of course, managing a kid or two, soooooo I didn’t take any pictures of the process or the final result, but that’s ok, because Yvonne’s pictures are beaUtiful and more lovely than mine ever would have been anyway, so you can just look at her cheese and imagine mine to be as lovely. :)

It really did turn out . . well, like CHEESE! That was the goal, right? But it just surprised and delighted my little soul to watch the process happening on my own stovetop! The texture of my cheese wasn’t as smooth as the fresh mozzerella balls I have in the frig from Costco, but still yummy. I don’t know if I did something wrong or maybe worked it a little too much . . . but it makes me want to try my hand at it again~and perhaps try other types of cheese too.

So there you have September’s report on my list of things to learn! Want to come over and share the remaining mozzerella log with me? I still have fresh basil, tomatoes, and olives to serve with it if you stop by!

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