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Five Things

It’s been a little while, but I am revisiting “five things”
The Original Post on Five Things and explanation of it is here.

If you’d like to join me with a week’s worth of “five things” of your own,
just leave a link to your blog post in the comments so that I and other readers
can find you and peek in on your week of accomplishments and daily happenings!


Friday, February 1, 2013

1. Since I was otherwise occupied yesterday {Aimee was here!},
I do errand running today . . . bank, health food store, greenhouse.
2. Greenhouse?? Yes! The lady wondered if I have spring fever and maybe I do,
but whatever the case, a few ferns and a succulent will bring life to my house.
3. Cleaning is on the agenda. I do a little, but I’m more inspired to {try to} decorate
so I spend time rummaging for old frames and things in the attic.
4. Tilapia & butternut squash & salad for dinner.
5. A “skinny”, fat stripping frappa for dessert? Yes please. I wish I could introduce you!

Gratitude Journal Header - Page 006

Saturday, February 2
1. Phil & Dietrich to Ohio for the day=The girls and I home by our lonesomes.
2. What a crazzzzy day to go to Costco {think everyone in the county getting Superbowl food & supplies}.
3. But not me. I’m buying food for Sunday, yes, but because two of my brothers will be visiting!!
4. Gave the girls their naps and finished cleaning the house.
5. Left the girls with their Aunt Lil in the evening while I went to do this:

ce8ab9a0716511e28e1522000a1f9a99_6{oh, what a luxury that I sooo appreciate as a busy mom
who tries to keep a bit of the beauty goin’ on! :)}

Sunday, February 3
1. Setting the table, making black bean soup, and putting a salad together before church.
2. Sunday School & Church. So grateful for this family of believers!
3. The brothers & their ladies arrive at church {one is married, one dating}.
4. An afternoon and evening of reconnecting . . . laughter, discussions, food . . .
5. They leave us late in the night or early the next morning.
Oh, it was so short, but I have learned to TREASURE any time I get with them!!


February 4
1. A really s.l.o.w. recoup-from-the-weekend kind of day.
2. Some of us in PJ’s til . . . well, for a long time.
3. Cleaned up the kitchen and did the second load of dishes from last night.
3. We got the laundry done. Big accomplishment. :)
4. Stories and movies.
5. SIL Lil stopped in and sat in my kitchen for a while.
We discuss all manner of thing, certainly not excluding diets and weight loss!


February 5
1. Off to Tuesday Tea in the early a.m.
2. I am so blessed, once again, by the study in Covenant taught
by Yvonne Pratt from StoneGable, and the fellowship of friends at this bi-weekly event.
I just love writing and underlining in my Bible as we go through and “connect the dots”
of God’s covenant love with His people through the ages . . .
3. We drop off the library books that are due, and I do a quick look-through at the thrift store.
4. Two belts, a blue glass bottle, and two frames are our treasures found today.
5. Dreamfield Angel Hair Pasta with tomato/basil/parm cheese/sausage sauce for dinner,
with green beans and a leafy salad too.
If you need low carb, low glycemic food, and well, just want to lose weight like yours truly,
and you have *never* had dreamfield . . . thou art missing out on one of the things that
is just so REAL and delicious, but without the usual consequences of such foods.
You’ll thank me, so in advance, “you’re welcome” for that tip! :)
And oh yes, it can be found at Wal-Mart, Weis, and many other grocery stores I assume.

1fec863c70be11e29b2022000a9f1561_6{a little bit of dining room glam with the thrifted silver trays}

February 6
1. Making a meal for a family from our SS class who had a baby:
Potatoes/Cabbage/Sausage dish, Salad, Bread, Chocolate-covered Creme Puffs & Strawberries
2. Phil is home from work early, so I get to deliver the food on my own while the children nap.
3. Of course, it just wouldn’t be right to drive past Target & Good Will without stopping
{How lucky that this church family lives in that direction!}, so stop I do!
4. Something for my Lover Boy for Valentine’s Day,
a free Starbucks blonde coffee w/ cream for me {thanks FB coupon},
and an overpriced treasure or two later from Good Will and I am homeward bound!
5. The Sun . . . the winter sun . . . and the beautiful layers of color in the sky
are rarely taken for granted by me. One day the Lord will appear in the sky!
What a day that will be!


February 7
1.  Oatmeal & Greek Yogurt Berry Whip for Breakfast.
2. Beginning the sorting and digging and pile-making for a yard sale this spring.
3. Helped my Realtor Husband with a photo document.
4. Ate my salad & salmon with creamy dressing for lunch.
I don’t have it every day, but a few times per week and it’s certainly a favorite!
5. To MIL for dinner. It’s always a treat to eat at her house!
Hmm. Hungry today? Breakfast, lunch, dinner? What breaking news!


And there you have it.
The first week in February gone already!
Care to share what you’ve been up to?

Five Things

{Quiet Moments in the front yard}

October! What fun to enter into the first full month of Autumn and begin to enjoy the change in the season and all the lovelies that go with it! Here’s just a peek into our week . . .

{a clear blue sky}

Monday, October 1st, 2012
1. Phil didn’t have to work away and was able to work at the house!
2. Phonics, Math, & Art with Dietrich.
3. A trip to Costco for certain supplies to last the month . . . chips & cheese & chocolate chips & chicken? yep.
4. Another trip to IKEA with the family after supper for a couple of items.
5. It’s not always great for getting work done and getting to bed on time, but I am into such a reading mode right now {finally, again!!}, and yes, reading lots of great books! 

{practice writing cursive t’s}


Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012
1. Veerrry Rainy Day . . . good for snuggling & stories & movies.
2. Four loads of laundry. Apologies to dryer and husband.
3. Cleaning a couple of corners and packing a few boxes.
4. Pumpkin Pie in the oven.
5. Thai Chicken Curry over Rice for dinner and of course, Pumpkin Pie for dessert


Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012
1. Another wet & dreary day: the chairs, blankets, toys, craft supplies, books, snack bowls,
and more taking up the living space in my trailer for two days in a row is about to drive me mad!
2. A quick run to the health food store for a few items.
3. Decided on our hardwood stain color today between about 6 sample areas on the floor.
4. Phil installed the last of our granite kitchen counter & beautiful kitchen sink! {love!}
5. Garlic Chicken, scalloped potatoes, and roasted brussel sprouts for supper tonight.

{Marla & me . . . taken this summer}

Thursday, October 4th, 2012
1. Third consecutive wet and dreary day. OK~time to do something or go somewhere, preferably with a friend.
A couple text messages & a phone call later . . .
2. My friend Marla & children stop in for a couple of hours: she brings snack wraps, I share coffee & chocolate, our children play, we talk house and life and homeschooling and more besides . . . I love her! {And my children love hers}
3. A bit of laundry and cleaning up. Feeling so giddy about the drawers and cupboards and closets that await me.
I’m never be queen of organization, but surely a little more SPACE will help!? You know, a place for everything and everything in it’s place?!
4. A yummy chili soup & cornbread and apple crisp & ice cream supper on Mom Nissley’s patio.
5. A quick run to the nearest nail salon for some added “pretty” & popping into the grocery store for some shampoo, and home again to find the children in their PJ’s and listening to their dad read a story. Ahhh, I love it.

{fall bouquet in my kitchen}

Friday, October 5th, 2012
1. I was up early to bake pumpkin muffins, pack Phil’s lunch and one for the rest of us too,
and put baked oatmeal into the oven for the children’s breakfast.
2. Sunshine & Blue Skies once again!
3. I blogged some while the children played outside.
4. We were off to the park at noon with our packed lunch, and then to a couple of shoe stores.
5. We couldn’t really be at the house tonight because of the hardwood floors needing to cure . . .
so we went and picked apples at a local orchard for cider processing next week.

Saturday, October 6th, 2012
1. Breakfast together and then it’s “off to the races” . . . {we look forward to lazy Saturdays again soon!}
2. I pack kitchen things . . . and take a quick picture to remember our first cozy kitchen.
3. A phone call from my mom. Do we ever run out of things to say?
4. I watch our little porch being built and “help” put the final column in place.
5. We stop in at the open house of one of Phil’s clients who recently bought a home . . .
and then to an evening get-together with some of his cousins whom we rarely see.

 {loving my new shoes! the most comfortable
pair I’ve owned in a while!}

Sunday, October 7th, 2012
1. A chilly morning, so we break out the warm clothes for going to church . . .
2. I enjoy our Adult Bible Fellowship so much . . . esp. since we haven’t met together in about two months because of other schedules and joint classes with others at church.
3.  Lunch and naps. Does it get any better than a Sunday afternoon siesta for everyone?
4. Reading, reading, reading. Maybe it’s the stage of my children just now, but I feel that I can finally really get into big thick books again without hundreds of interruptions, of course nap time always helps with that too.
5. We couldn’t think of anywhere to invite ourselves that we haven’t invited ourselves to within the past couple of weeks . . .
and since our own house is in a bit of upheaval, we weren’t going to invite anyone over this week . . . and the cupboards were a little bare. . . so we went out for a bite to eat. Here’s to better stocked cupboards and moving days behind us soon so we can resume some normal life and hospitality. :)

{I am thoroughly enjoying this book by Pearl & Serene.
I’d love to do a “book club” with it for several weeks or a couple of months . . .
would anyone local be interested in meeting at my house to share ideas,
sample from the recipes and such? Maybe in the new year? Let me know.
If you are familiar with healthy eating as presented in the Maker’s Diet
or Shoshanna Easling’s “Making Babies” . . . this book will have a “familiar feel”
to it . . . but with additional information about staying trim {the science behind it}
and so many practical recipes and tips for feeding your family well
and keeping yourself trim . . . all with the same meal plan.}


And now, it’s another dreary Monday . . . and lots to do! May the Lord bless you and keep you, friends. May He cause His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you, and give you peace.


Five Things

There’s just enough of a scent of it on the breeze and a slight change in the air to know that Summer is saying farewell, and Autumn is moving in! While we’ve still had some days of sweating it out around here, there are also delightfully cooler mornings, where this sweater-loving lady can wear one and be quite comfortable! Here’s just a little review of the first seven days of our September.

{a favorite place where water runs over an old road
beneath an equally old stone bridge train crossing.}

September 1st~
1. Loving our morning at home and breakfast together on this Saturday morning.
2. It’s off to work on the house for Phil, and the rest of us soon follow,
if only to watch or give “helpful” advice. :)
3. Pumpkin-Chocolate Chip muffins baked to welcome the first day of September.
4. We all joined Phil for a Home-Depot run just before lunch to pick up
some extra pieces of hardwood & misc. items.
5. Worked at the house til almost dark and then ate a humble,
but filling meal of grilled sandwiches and granola

{girls “helping” at my kitchen sink}

September 2nd~
1. The Sunday morning rush of feeding and dressing everyone & putting lunch in the crockpot
before 9:15 {if I’m lucky} always feels like such an accomplishment, especially if all attitudes
and love for each other are still in tact as we head out the door!!
2. Enjoyed being in our regular ABF group after a church-wide break from all Sunday Schools
in the month of August. Looking forward to the next 4 weeks where we will be joining
the junior & senior highs and another adult ABF for a mini seminar taught by a gentleman
in our church on the subject of Creation, Noah’s Flood, Dinosaurs, and Ancient Artifacts.
Phil & I plan to have Dietrich join us for a couple of these sessions since he has an extreme interest
in dinosaurs {and no amount of passing time or other themes he comes across can deter him
from wanting his new bedroom decorated in dinosaurs! I’m looking for ways to do it in a classic way
that will really be educational for Dietrich and glorifying to the Lord . . .
no silly Barney or millions of years stuff allowed.}.
3. We ate our lunch and then, as always, thoroughly enjoyed our quiet afternoon of napping and reading.
4. We called to invite Phil’s sister and family over for a hotdog roast, but they already had their fire started,
with the same type of menu in mind, so they invited us to join their party instead. It’s so much fun to enjoy cooler evenings outside, enter into lively conversations with other adults, and watch the cousins thoroughly enjoy each other’s company!
5. Off to bed . . . but not quite lights out yet! I manage to keep my eyes open for a few more chapters of a book that I’m into!

 {fun & crazy cousins~don’t worry
~they weren’t actually moving in this picture!}

September 3rd~
1. So glad this weekend isn’t over yet. One more day to hang out together and make good progress on the house. We had the option of joining family out of state, going somewhere by ourselves, or staying home and working on Labor Day. And because we’re kinda house-focused right now, we chose to stay home. Boring, I know, but oh so necessary and even fun! :)
2. Got my hair done at a friend’s who has a salon in her house and who decided to work on Labor Day.
3. Called my brother Joe to wish him a happy birthday and get in on the latest news in his life.
4. The hardwood flooring on our main floor is looking gooooood.
5. Off to get some little cones and a banana split {SIL Lil & her children joined us} . . . just cause you’ve gotta do SOMETHING non work-related on labor day, right?

{I sometimes feel that I live a fairy tale when I look
at these precious ones gathered ’round my table!
God has richly blessed me!}

September 4th~
1. Our first real day of kindergarten for Dietrich. We did some work through the summer,
but not too much lately, so it’s good to be starting on our “school schedule” routine. I don’t know
how it’s all going to go with moving in the next month, but we’ll try to work diligently on days that we can!
2. Sat down to do some menu planning for the first time in a while . . . I need to see if I can streeetch this grocery budget!
3. Shopped for groceries . . . scored some deals on burger, chicken, and fish. We have a few fine cuts of beef left in our freezer from a BIL’s cow, and plenty of sausage from the pig husband raised last year . . . but you can only do so much with that til you start CRAVING chicken!! At least that’s how I am. :) We have actually been eating a lot of meatless meals the past couple of weeks just because I didn’t have other meat on hand.
4. Thai Chicken Curry over jasmine rice for dinner. Coconut milk, cilantro, & ginger . . . could anything smell better? fresher?
5. You know the routine by now, don’t you? We spent the entire evening down at the house . . . baths . . . late to bed.

{Marla, Annette, Claudia, and me on our “double date”
I hope to post more pictures from this special time later!}

September 5th~
1. I worked for a couple of hours on making meals with the 10 lb bag of hamburger that I bought yesterday. BBQ beef for sandwiches, 2 meatloaf loaves, and 3 pans of beef enchiladas. Some of the meat was bagged raw in smaller portions for other uses later. Whew! I like that feeling of accomplishment and a couple of handy meals ready to use later in the month.
2. Dressed Claudia and myself for a “date” with our friends Marla and Annette at the lovely Conestoga House and Gardens in Lancaster and dropped the other two off for an afternoon at their aunt’s house.
3. What a wonderful time we had . . . . touring the beautiful grounds, learning about herbs, edible flowers, and all kinds of other botanical things . . . We also sat down to enjoy our little dessert and coffee, and read a story to the little girls. Next, we headed toward home with some time left for doing a little dress shopping for our girls!
4. Grouper, veggies, and a white wine cream sauce over pasta for dinner. Yum! I love fish in almost any way I can get it!
5. Phil and I attended a sobering church meeting tonight of great importance to our congregation. Once again we were reminded of how much we respect and appreciate our pastors and elders and the church body we are part of. At the same time, our thoughts have been filled all week long of how important it is for each of us, dear friends, to be on guard because our enemy satan walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. None of us are exempt from his attacks. No one is strong enough to fight him alone. . . . but we have a Savior and the armor He has given to be victorious. Stand fast in Him, dear ones! And how we must remember to pray for each other!

September 6th~
1. An hour of “school” with Dietrich. He loves every part of it, except maybe the practicing of his cursive letters.
2. My Cath Kidston phone cover finally arrived!{Very interesting how I order through an American online company to purchase something by an English designer . . . and it ships from Hong Kong. Hmmm.} Anyway, Thanks MJ for the introduction to CK! I love my phone!
3. PW’s meatloaf with mashed potatoes and cole slaw for dinner. {Good meatloaf . . . will definitely make it again!}
4. Our friend Richard came to help with trim work in the dining room tonight, and my BIL Chad was working on light switch hook ups. {I’m probably saying it wrong and they’ll probably laugh if they read this? Oh well, who cares? It’s getting done!}
5. Put the kids to bed for the 174th time all by my lonesome in the late evening hours . . . and then hurrying to my shower and bed to squeeze in a little more reading time.

{Master Painter Handiwork}

September 7th~
1. Canned 14 pints of salsa today using Edie’s recipe here. I wasn’t really planning to do any canning this year since we don’t have a garden anyway, but I can’t seem to keep my fingers out of it!
2. Made a quick trip to the bank and the library.
3. Also stopped in at the cabinet builder’s shop and was delighted to see what he has already done. He said our kitchen will be ready by the middle of this coming week. Yikes! We better get ready!
4. Taco Salad & Apple Dumplings for dinner tonight.

Good night & a Happy September to all!

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