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Welcome to Our Home {the beginnings of a little tour & a little something besides}

The time has finally come to begin a little walk-through of our home!
I have been putting it off . . .
knowing that almost every room has something
that needs to be finished.
And well, I’d rather show you finished product.
But, the reality is, we have lived here for seven months now,
and I guess if we can live without the finishing touches,
you can look at it without the finishing touches. :)

Just bear with me if I make mention of all the things
that I can see in my head and which will someday be a reality
as time (mostly the hard-working man’s time) and money allow!
And then when they really do get done,
I could do “before & after” pictures on a new house.
Imagine that.


I’ll bring you in through the side door for starters.
I always said that I wanted everyone to use my front door,
and I still like that people do,
but I love my mudroom so much . . .
the looks of it, the space for bags and boots and baby carriers,
and yes, that whatever the weather is brewing up outside: snow, wind, rain, mud,
this room can handle with no problems . . .
so for all of those good reasons,
I don’t mind a bit if friends, family, or even strangers use my side door.

Now the door itself is one of those things . . .
still waiting for a special kind of paint.
This project *was* supposed to happen last Saturday
until the man of the house got sick. Really sick. Bummer.
I felt bad for him. Truly! :) But a little sorry for myself too
and the whole (rare) free Saturday lost
that was supposed to be for home projects!! :/

Anyway on with the topic at hand . . .
as we pass the beautiful flowers and my struggling herbs,
we step into one of my favorite rooms in the house.

Where wood walls and ceilings make my heart sing.
Where the children each have a basket for their shoes {and mitts in the winter}.
Hooks a-plenty for coats and jackets and hats and bags.
Where we can all be getting ready to go out the door at the same time,
and we still have room to spare.


The opposite wall from the lockers is home to this canvas
featuring one of my favorite photos of the little farm where Phil grew up.
Our house is built on 2 acres of the original farmland.


And on the canvas, a blessing prayer for those who come and go through our doors,
“Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely,
and may your whole spirit and soul and body be kept blameless
at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
1 Thessalonians 5:23

Next on this wall is the doorway into the rest of the house,
and then a closet where the Mr. can store all of his big coats and shoes and boots,
also my broom and folding chair closet.

The back wall is home to a sink and faucet that I very much like.
Perfect for washing up hands and spot treating laundry,
but mostly for rinsing off dirty little bodies when they come in from out of doors
and/or {somehow} didn’t make it to the bathroom on time . . .


The plan with the washer and dryer is to {eventually} get front loaders
and then build a counter across the whole area to make folding laundry
a breeze and such a pleasure that I will hardly be able to contain my excitement
as each freshly dried load comes out of the dryer or off the line.
I know you can hear the sarcasm in that last part! :)
But really, I already like to stand right there to fold it . . .
and I just know that a counter would really make great use of that area!

And then there’s this floor.
It’s my favorite floor in the house.
Even though it would have been impractical and a real pain to clean,
I crossed my fingers and asked the Mr. for a real brick floor
and showed him the magazine picture to illustrate . . .
knowing that such a thing would never pass {in his mind)
in a new construction house.

And I was right about him, of course.
And he’s probably right about his answer, of course. :)
But he got this brick-like ceramic tile for me instead.
And like I said, I really, really, really like it.


It’s easy to clean {or not to clean}
since it hides dirt very, very well.
Oh, and did I mention that it’s heated as well?
So in the winter it keeps our shoes and boots warm,
dries snow and water droplets up in no time,
and makes it nearly impossible to keep the dog outside
’cause he knows a warm floor awaits inside.


Well that about wraps up this little room.
And now you know where to park your shoes and hang your coat
when you decide to come for a visit!

Oh, and did you wonder about that blank canvas in that row of adorable silhouettes,
which just happen to be my very own sweet children?
Maybe you didn’t notice. Well, you can scroll back up there and take and look if you like.
{I’ll wait.}

Yes, well, in real life, the silhouette isn’t blank.

Two weeks ago I decided that the first two silhouettes
so beautifully made by my friend Clarita,
should be joined by a third, since we happen to have had our third child
over two years ago, and she really does deserve a spot up on that shelf.


So create a silhouette of her I did.
But why stop with just hers?
I got busy on prepping the fourth canvas too.

Of course, we won’t know who will fill that spot
until sometime in January 2014, Lord willing,
so that precious one gets the honor of a question mark just now. :)
This whole household is quite excited
and can’t hold secrets for long,
so though it’s early in the process,
we wanted to be the first to tell you.
{Or I should say, that *I* wanted to be the first to tell you,
since if you were to talk to my children,
they might excitedly spill the beans before I get around to it
as has already happened with both grandmothers.}

So there you have it, the mudroom tour and a bit of newsy news besides.

Our House in Progress Pt 6 {the ‘heart be still’ edition}

Please bear with me as I show you things from the past week . . .
without getting too overly excited and using waaaaay too many exclamation points!!
{There. Seems we’re off to a great start.}

It’s hard for me to visit the house these days without talking excitedly,
exclaiming incessantly to the builder man {aka my husband},
walking around from room to room dreaming of moving in
{my children wonder how it can be fun to do this day after day},
and just all around REJOICING that moving day is coming right up!
{Next week!!}

So here are a few of the recent developments:

Light fixture shopping . . .

Restoration Hardware and sites such as Joss&Main have amazing lights!
Ones that I really, really like . . . but, oh, the prices are a bit over the top for us.
So, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that good ‘ole Home Depot
has a couple of lights that look similar {ok, maybe not quite as great, but still . . . }
to what I was eyeing up on these sites!

These are outdoor lights in the picture, but I’d like two of the top right
for the sconces by my bed, please.
The price is *so* right. :) Yes!
The top left light with the round bulb is really neat too.
Trying to find a place where I might need it in our house. 😉

Other light fixtures still need to be decided on:
My BIL Chad purchased several at an auction a while back
{looking out for us, he was},
but I haven’t seen them since the first day he messaged a picture of one of them,
and I can’t remember exactly what they look like.
So, this week, we’ll have to see if we still like them and where they will go. :)

Also, the family farmette that was sold earlier this year was sold to Amish folks,
and before the sale, an agreement was made that if they no longer wanted the
simple chandeliers hanging in their hall and dining room {similar to the one above}
since they aren’t supposed to be using electricity anyways . . . 😉
that we would be interested in putting them in our house when the time came.
{a bit of sentimental value for me}

The big one will go in our school/music room,
and not quite sure about the small one yet . . .

Faucet Shopping . . .

These could be more really complicated choices:
So many finishes, styles, and prices,
but since I stressed out way too much over paint colors
a couple of weeks ago,
I decided that after telling Phil a bit of what I imagine or wish for,
I’ll let him make the final choices on our plumbing fixtures,
because too many choices become so overwhelming,
and I like to think I’m easy to please.
{You’ll have to ask him if he agrees.}

The faucet above is from IKEA and we put it in our mudroom/laundry sink.
He actually had already purchased another more expensive one
{and better quality, I’m sure},
but later that night when we were at IKEA
we saw this one and loved the look/style,
so decided to sacrifice quality for now . . .
and it can always be upgraded later, if need be.

A few sneak peeks at the kitchen . . .

Aside from the fact that we will have a real mudroom,
a room specifically designated for crafts, reading,
book learning and music,
AND the fact that I’ll have a basement for storage
and for sending the children on rainy days when
they need to expend energy . . .

Yes, besides those incredible blessings {thank you, Lord!},
the one room that just gets me so excited is this kitchen!!
If you know how small my current kitchen is
and how much I enjoy spending time in the kitchen,
you might know why spacious counters and several stacks of drawers,
and drawers that actually slide smoothly too, and a walk-in pantry,
and good lighting, and, and . . . this list goes on . . .
Yes, you will then understand why this kitchen
simply makes my heart pitter-patter.


{a set of pull-out shelves for my Bosch and other appliances}

{a space for cookie sheets and pizza pans,
tho this one is kinda tiny, so I’m asking my
builder to put a few more slots like this in the pantry!}

{deep drawers for pots and pans and more!}

{Meet mrs. sink! she’s such a beauty!
Undermount, undermount. . . oh how I think of thee everyday
as I try to wipe up the crumbs and water and brown grime that collects
around my current sink. I have to admit that *this* is one thing
I knew that I knew that I wanted if at ALL possible.
Because HOW many times do I wipe up the kitchen every. single. day?

Phil was able to purchase this granite top at Ironstone Building Supplies
for a really wonderful price, and with his tile cutting tools
was able to do the installation himself . . .
except for the cutting & buffing of the sink cutout
all because I was so sure that the undermount sink was quite important.
Blessings on his head for spending a bit more for that,
just because I said pleeeeeeeeaaase, please, please. :)

{BTW, Ironstone has become a favorite store during this building process,
and everyone who works there certainly knows who Phil is by now. :)
If you aren’t too far from the area, and need anything for your building/remodeling project,
check them out and tell them we sent you. 😉 We often see semi trucks loading things
to take as far a Jersey . . . the prices make it worth it, I tell you!}

{custom drawers . . . adjustable dividers}

{more drawers~one is still missing a front~
and how do you like the nifty bread board
just waiting to slide out at a moment’s notice?
I have two of them, thanks to SIL Lil’s suggestion}

Ok, I’m done doing happy {writing} dances for today.
Maybe now I don’t have to wander around, dreaming at the house today.
My children would be pleased!

But just this yet . . .
This is why I was staring in wonder yesterday!!

Wow. Wow.
What a beautiful difference it makes in these rooms!
Makes things looks so “finished” . . .
and like, maybe we’re almost THERE!

Thanks for listening to me exclaim~again!
You all have been so encouraging online and in real life,
and have made it so much fun to do these updates.

We look forward to sharing the blessing of this new home
with you in some way in the future . . .
Dinner? An overnight? Tea on the front porch?
Bible Study or Homegroup? Time will tell . . .

Happy Weekend to all!

Our House in Progress Pt 5

It’s so exciting to be at the beginning of another week, fresh and new, with the hope of much work being accomplished at our house! The project really is coming to an end one of these days! We are planning to move in two or three weeks from now.

I am so glad that last week is over and done. The week in which we had to finalize our paint choices. The week in which my mind was so full of advice from friends, interior designers {mostly via blogs & websites}, the ladies at the paint store, and the picture &  in my mind and desire in my heart for that perfect color for our main living area.

It took about 6 trips to the paint store, quite a few paint samples slathered on the one section of wall in our kitchen, and in the end ditching the “safe” color to go with my “dream” color . . . and voila! . . . we love the final outcome. :)

The workroom-schoolroom is the only one that got it’s first color covered over by another shade. I loved the first one too, but it was just a little too bright . . . and knowing what I do know about myself {I’m happy for years with more subtle, neutral shades, opposed to bright colors that I tire of more quickly}, we decided to change it now while the paintin’ is easy.

So, just to recap all that’s been happening on the house . . . here are a few pictures that were taken since the last house post. {Was that really 1.5 weeks ago?} It was so much fun to see all that drywall and wood covered over with crisp white paint. The trim, especially, lookes quite fabulous with it’s lustrous finish!

Oh, and I’m warning you, this post has a mish-mash of pictures. I’m finding now that the paint is going on, that I don’t want to use filters on my instagrams that distort the colors I’m trying to show. :)

~the living room~

~looking past the powder room into the dining room from the living room~

~the dining room~

~painted lockers!~

~the porch has it’s pillars!~

~part of Phil’s Saturday was spent on this project~

~and his grandmother wheeled herself down to our place on her powered chair.
to watch him work for an hour or more. isn’t she sweet?~

~partial view from the front porch~

~and then began the colored paint debate . . .~

~wherein the color I thought we were settled on just seemed too dark,
thus the search for the perfect color began anew . . .~

~the “cutting in” of the chosen color.
I’d better like it now . . . ’cause there’s no turning back!~

~looks great so far!
This is the mudroom closet (lockers behind me)
with a little peek into the dining room.~

~living room again, getting color this time around~

And just because it’s so fun . . . here are a few pictures of fully painted walls! As I write, all painting has been completed, and the kitchen is partially installed. A couple of things coming up next are to sand & stain the floors, finish the kitchen, install plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, etc.

~we have the same color {Revere Pewter} throughout the open floor plan of the first floor,
but depending on the room, lighting, camera, you can see variety of color~

 ~ This is the workroom/schoolroom in a different color, Lancaster Whitewash.
Fitting, yes? :) ~

~Dietrich standing at the door of his bedroom,
with our painter, Marlin (and Travis) Huyard behind him.

 ~and just this yet . . . Phil & Uncle Paul hanging a few kitchen
cupboards at a late hour last night.

That’s all for now. I’ll leave you with a picture of the beautiful pot of fall cabbage, flowers, etc. put together by Laura Lapp of “Perfect Pots” in Strasburg. She was at our Tuesday Tea meeting this morning and taught us a lot about all-season pots. I then bid the highest on this baby and brought it “home” to our new front porch. In a later post, I want to tell you more about this Tuesday Tea meeting and the cause to which the impromptu auction money went. I was so touched and inspired, and that’s why I want to share it with you too.

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