Apples & Coconut Muesli

Last September Phil and I were gifted with a beautiful weekend at the Terranea Resort in California by Plexus. We had never stayed at anything so gorgeous on mainland USA in our entire lives! Absolutely stunning terrain and ocean views, beautiful weather, amazing food, and with wonderful people too! We were served several delicious meals during our stay, but on one of our free mornings, Phil discovered that the cafe downstairs was serving Bircher Muesli! He was so excited and came back with rave reviews, so the next morning we both got a bowl and enjoyed from our ocean-view veranda.

Now I’m sure the ocean breezes made this breakfast taste even more amazing, but I think it’s safe to say that my duplication of this recipe as best I could has brought rave reviews from our children and others back home too.

So without further adieu…..Musli Terranea // That’s the fancy name we’re giving this simple and delicious variety of muesli. Food like this isn’t easy to find in East Coast Amish country, but we’ve suggested it to our local coffee shop/cafe a few times! I’m pretty sure there are others who would love it as we do! Maybe soon we’ll see it on their menu!?

Now really, there isn’t much you can do to “mess up” muesli. Just add the following ingredients into a bowl and play around with it! For our family of six I usually start with four generous cups of oats. If making for one or two people, I start with one cup of oats.

Almond or coconut milk
Shredded Coconut
Apples finely diced (tart green apples are great, but any on hand will do!)
Favorite Sweetener ~ Honey is amazing, maple syrup is great . . . I usually do a little of either of one of those and then add extra stevia just because my family loves the sweet!
A few drops of coconut extract make this dish taste exactly as it should!

If using regular oats, you can soak at least an hour (or overnight in the refrigerator)… We sometimes use quick oats too because we enjoy the texture and eating immediately. Of course, adjust the amount of milk according to your preference. More milk added as the oats soak of course, and all depending on how “sloppy” you prefer to eat cooked oats or regular cereal.

Let me know how you like it~and if you think a local cafe would be able to see this by the pans-full as the cafe in California does! 😀

Oh, and if you are wondering just WHAT in the world muesli is, THIS ARTICLE some interesting history and recipe ideas as well!

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