A Quick Hello

Here I am at last. . . checking in for only a few minutes. I wanted to say “hi” to all of you out there doing some form of this month’s challenge with me and encourage you to keep on . . . for 10 more days! {Here are links to Shoshanna’s articles regarding the challenge. Are you With Me? Stick with It! and Doing It Together.}

Some of you amaze me with your “strict” diligence and stick-to-it-ism. I have to admit that I have cheated a little more than just one “lick” of something as one friend admitted to. My hardest thing to stay away from is plain old, fresh-from-the-farm milk. Probably because I believe it really isn’t bad for me and experience no known side effects . . . and the 2 small and expensive boxes of almond milk that I bought so far disappeared pretty quickly.

We have been making daily smoothies and healthy milkshakes in this unusually warm month of March, and that’s where I can be found taking a sip here or there to “test” the shakes I’m making for my children, husband, and the men working to frame our house!

Speaking of the house, it’s coming along quite well, and I have been busy and preoccupied with it, hence the quietness on this blog.

{Cousins ~digging a hole to China?~ while the Daddies dig the hole for our basement}

On the exercise front, I and my SIL have been doing very well! I am just loving the early morning times out there in the fresh air, and knowing that my body is a lot stronger now than it was 21 days ago when we started with the 3-4 daily miles! We’re discussing what we want to do on April 1st and thereafter. We haven’t fully decided, but know that we don’t want to give up the good thing we have going!

Before I say goodbye, here is the link to the chocolate milkshake I have been enjoying! I love the fact that it’s sweetened with dates and stevia. How awesome is that?! And the stevia drops I use are non-bitter French Vanilla Stevia from Beeyoutiful.

Have a lovely rest of the week you all! It’s supposed to get up to 80+ degrees here by the end of the week. I keep losing track of what month it is! It seems so much like late April or May. But definitely not the middle of March!  More smoothies, shakes, and cold drinks will be needed, I can tell!

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2 Responses to A Quick Hello

  1. Jenny March 21, 2012 at 7:53 am #

    you know, i think i remember as a kid trying to “dig to china” too! bring back great memories…
    your new house sounds so exciting- keep us posted- with lots of pics of course. :) :)

    • Shelly March 26, 2012 at 2:25 pm #

      Pics of the house in progress are up. Mostly a lot of dirt and construction site look to it right now. I can hardly believe how quickly the first part has gone, but now the boring interior things like plumping, heating, electrical, insulation, etc. begins. And then the fun details begin!! :)

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