Things I’m Grateful for . . .

Refreshing spring rains
Crocuses and tulips growing in the garden
That my Abba knows and cares for the things that make me sad
That He knows and will provide for my needs
Passover. Jesus is our Lamb!
The Feast of Firstfruits. He rose from the dead!
Friends who send instant messages
Good health
That my dear bro. Ben brought me chocolate in the middle of the day
Responses to our wedding invitations (fun!)
Brandi’s halarious antics


One of my personal goals for the past three years has been to learn new skills and try new activities every chance I get. In simple terms–to be more adventuresome! Some people do this naturally, but for me, it sometimes takes a conscience effort. And every new adventure has been worth it!

Yesterday is a good example. A famous watercolor artist from Kenora approached me and offered to give me a 3 hour lesson in watercolors–for free. When she first offered to teach me, I didn’t feel like I could afford the time, since it is only about 2 months til my wedding, but I did finally agree to it. After all, here was another opportunity to learn something new!!

So, yesterday we spent most of the day together painting, enjoying lunch, talking about our lives and what Christ means to us, and painting some more. I really enjoy the way Jeanette Dube teaches and I came away from that class feeling rich with tips and ideas for painting. And not only that, I had four paintings finished and ready to take home with me by the time we were finished!

I do not know how serious I will become about watercolors, but I did enjoy the lesson. I am pleased with my work–well, most of it–and I definitely did enjoy adding yet another “adventure” to my repertoire!

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