Wedding Pictures

We got our proofs back last week and were so pleased with Sara’s work! So many great pictures (over 300!) makes it very hard to decide what to post. Here are a few for your enjoyment, and if you wish to see the rest, stop by for a visit!

Loving My Life as a Wife

Things to be Grateful for . . .

God’s faithfulness in the changes life brings
Family and friends who did so much to make the wedding happen
My family’s support in my transition to a new community
Phil’s family who has done so much to make me feel welcome
Friendly neighbors
Fresh produce stands
Fascinating Saturday auctions
The love of true Christians for each other
Heidi, Jeremy, and Katelyn’s visit to our home
Picking wineberries with my sisters
The time of day that brings my husband home from work

Time goes by so quickly–too quickly at times!! It’s hard to believe that it has been almost a month since our wedding day, and yet, enough of things have happened in that time to fill up 3 months. I’m certainly enjoying life in Paradise! Making our home a place of beauty and love for my husband and also our guests is so fulfilling. Our prayer is that the Lord would use our home and our lives to impact others for His glory.

Sisters & Sunny Saturdays

Heidi and I got an early start yesterday morning . . . out to hunt down some bargains at garage sales–or at least that was the goal. We found one pizza stone for mom, but we did not find a nice container to put place-seating cards in for my wedding reception. We almost bought a wheelbarrow that was kind of cute and could have looked good with a coat of paint and flowers, but I wasn’t sure if it was really what I wanted–for $10.00. When we were tired of walking into people’s basements, garages, and yards, we decided to go for iced cappuccinos at Tim Hortons. Delicious!

On our way home we just “happened” to keep meeting up with a guy in an old blue car. We kept saying to each other that it would be so wonderful if we could get that guy to chauffeur us around on my wedding day. After meeting at several intersections, the guy was finally driving behind us and as we were driving by Husky the Muskie Park, Heidi yelled at me, “He’s turning in there! Quick! Turn in too!!” So, I turned into the park ahead of him.

The guy must have thought we were crazy as we motioned that we wanted to talk to him. We asked if he was from Kenora and if he had ever chauffeured for weddings. He said he’s thought about chauffeuring, but just hasn’t yet. We talked a bit and he said he would do it for us for the price of the gas and a tip. We exchanged names and a phone number and were soon on our way! Heidi and I were just laughing after we left there as we realized how bazar or “ordained” that meeting was–however you want to look at it. But most of all we laughed because no garage sale bargain could compete with THIS biggest bargain of the day.

A few minutes later we arrived at our picture-taking site and then to our reception site–just to check things out and decide what work will need to be done there in the next week. Finally, we came home and for the next two hours enjoyed the sun and the kiddie pool with our three little sisters out in the backyard. Such a fun and beautiful day with my sister, Heidi. I will treasure it in my heart always!

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