Fresh Buttercrunch Goodness

You know the white sauce I was telling you about yesterday? Well, there are other delicious ways to use that stuff. It makes a nice dip for carrots, a little dressing on a wrap, and a creamy salad dressing for fresh spring greens.

Now I know, in case you are concerned that I might not know just how high-cal mayonnaise and sour cream are . . . yes, I am fully aware. So, no I don’t use it in abundance . . . just some here and there, and always in moderation [well, almost always].

Our little lettuce bed is looking better this year than any previous attempts~ever! Husband moved/improved the hotbed this spring, and it paid off. The lettuce is downright lush and beautiful, and ahem, weed-free!

[Little things like lettuce make me marvel at our creative God who designed each variety of lettuce with the most intricate patterns of “lacy” edge and various shades of green, and flavor!]

So, enough of the bunny trails . . . Oh yeah, they haven’t managed to find and destroy our lettuce so far this year either. That was one of our problems last year, and the year before that too, if I remember right . . .

The buttercrunch lettuce is simply fabulous. I’ve been adding it to wraps and sandwiches for husband’s lunch, and making myself a nice salad for every lunch so far this week. I love salad, but I can get bored with my own dressing (usually just vinegar/olive oil and some seasonings) and combinations of ingredients . . . so it’s nice to mix it up occasionally (agh, no pun intended!)

This week I’m on a
buttercrunch lettuce,
grape tomato,
pepper ring,
and sheep cheese binge.
(It’s aka feta, but doesn’t sheep cheese sound more gourmet and exotic?) And then, of course, a little of that white dressing stuff drizzled on top. I did water it down a little more for this purpose . . . spread those calories a little thinner and make it easier to get some on each bite.

Mmmm . . . I loved my salad at lunch so much that I decided to have the same thing for dinner. I purposely made my portion extra large in case husband wanted to eat some too. Well, he started eating . . . and ate the whole thing, save the one bite that I managed to fork up. I’m not casting blame for salad thieving . . . just saying that it looked and tasted really good. :) So I settled for the dish full of leftover green beans, too tired to go out to the garden for more lettuce, and just happy that he wanted my salad.

We finished off our meal with mango smoothies. Now, I make smoothies often: not quite every day, but at least several times a week. And here again, I get stuck making “the same old same old” because it’s fast and easy to do what I already know how to throw together really fast. But tonight I did it a little differently and all of our taste buds were happy surprised with the results. Nothing fancy or difficult~just refreshing and healthy too. I will share the simple little recipe in another post.

Meanwhile, go make yourself a salad if you like~and enough for family members who may be tempted to steal.

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One Response to Fresh Buttercrunch Goodness

  1. clarita May 12, 2011 at 6:14 pm #

    Sounds SPLENDID!! How can I tell you how I enjoy all these meal ideas?! You just may get to me to really enjoy cooking again! :) Now to just find some of that fresh lettuce…

    And beautiful, beautiful pictures. I love your eye for angles and style!

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