Black Beans & Rice

Earlier this year I wrote about cooking black beans for a black bean soup I was making. A friend, Christy, whom I hope to meet in real life someday, commented on that post with this,

Black Beans

“Do you want another 
black bean recipe?
This is one of our favorites–
simmer black beans with salt, black pepper, 
and generous portions of cumin, garlic, fresh cilantro, 
and a few drips of lime juice. 
If there’s not plenty of juice already, 
you can add some more water. 
I serve it over rice. 
Sometimes I first saute chicken 
with the same seasonings and add the beans to it. 
Either way, we love it!”

Well, I’ve cooked and eaten black beans many ways and sometimes similar to this, but something about her simple little recipe just grabbed me! So I followed her instructions and we loved it too! So for all of you bean lovers out there, here’s something delicious to try when a chilly day comes your way!

Thanks, Christy!

**And the photo is from Do you know how many times I’ve made black beans in the past 1/2 year and never once took a picture of them? I tell you, we eat them down~fast!! So instead of delaying in posting this any longer, I finally broke down and added this picture, even though I prefer to use my own.**

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