How I’m Simplifying My Life This Month

I am not a minimalist but the more full my life becomes with children, friends, relationships… the more I crave simplicity around me! I am not great at being organized, but I love when things are in order! As wife to a guy who likes order, mom to five children between the ages of 1-10, home educator of those five children, a business team leader, and all the “normal” things that come along with being the CEO of a household, I am constantly on the lookout for ways to simplify our life!

simplify my life
{they keep me on my toes!}

FullSizeRender 5{Slow breakfast with Gramma & Grampa earlier this month…
Bible reading, blessings pronounced over us, hymns, story telling, and much laughter!}

The fact that I have young, busy, energetic children can make nearly every day a whirlwind of flurry + activity.  I crave beauty and slow, rest and calm, clean and bright! :) It feels as though I must constantly curate our life and schedule to find a flow that works for us in all the changing seasons and ages, and that allows my mind and heart to be at rest. Simplifying our surroundings and schedule, so that we, the people who live here, have a place that allows us to thrive + grow.

Three things that are saving me right now:

Just Saying “No”
It’s hard to say no, but the more you do it, I think the more that muscle strengthens! :) And the freedom you find when saying no becomes almost addictive. :) This year has been one of evaluating the people and activities that really matter to us as a family! It’s easy to want to do “all the things” and please “everybody”. But we all know we run ourselves ragged going down that path! I think too that everyone has a different capacity for how much they can do personally or as a family, before the fun turns to stress~simply because there is too much going on, and not enough margin for rest and personal time at home.

We had to evaluate what we want our family future to look like and go from there. Family culture isn’t something you create in a moment, but a lifetime of moments and days…the feeling you get when you look back on your years, the memories you made, and the values you are passing on to your children. This year, and especially this season, we have said no to quite a few good, amazing things simply because the calendar already had a few days blocked off … and we have learned that we operate best with space between events. Rushing from one activity to the next does not lend itself to peace for most of us, especially when it involves schlepping sweet young ones around!

We’re even saying no to a week in Florida between Christmas and The New Year this month because we *love* to be in our own home for the holidays. Trial and error, baby! Last year we had that week packed with extended family on both sides, driving here and there and out of state, and this year we said, no. We’re staying put. Any other time of year, we’d be there in a flash, but like I said, something about Christmas at home, preparing for a new year, etc ~at least for now~feels restful and right for us.

FullSizeRender 3
{Finding children fully engrossed in books all around my house is one of my favorite things!!
My reward for reading to them and teaching them to read!! 😉 }

Unsubscribing to the One Million Emails
Ok, well it wasn’t a million, but last week it dawned on me that it was once again that time to unsubscribe from all the extra emails coming into my inbox. Placing online orders, subscribing to an e-course here or there….and then with Black Friday + Christmas happening, it seemed like every business and person I was subscribed to was sending me double and triple mailings every day!! Talk about brain overload! So I sat down one morning and unsubscribed to over 30 companies! Thirty! I still love, will read and/or purchase from them in the future, but I know who and where they are when I need them! For now, I just needed more space/rest in my inbox *and* my brain.

Simplifying the Dinner Party
Loooong have I admired several groups of friends who host dinner parties in their homes every month, and what appears to be an elaborate, child-free, intimate, quiet affairs! :) For nearly two years my friends and I have talked about doing this. I mean, we REALLY wanted to do it! About that time we each had a baby boy and neither of us had babysitting readily available, so we shelved the idea for “next year”. Next year came and not much in our lives had changed. So again we waited. Finally this year, we put dates on the calendar. Life is full and those couple of dates got canceled~mostly because our expectation of what was *supposed* to be felt like too much to pull off! Finally, we said to one another. “Let’s just DO it….but simplify our expectation of what a fancy schmancy dinner party looks like! We’ll include our children (bye bye to the stress of finding sitters for 4, 5, and 5 kiddos!!)~ we will simply have soup (prepared by the host) with salad, bread, and dessert brought in by the others.

Voila! Best.Thing.Ever. Just like that, because we allowed our dinner party to be its own thing, and not have to look like someone else’s dinner party…. because we acknowledge our stage of life and decided to work with it instead of wait til it’s over… we are having a marvelous time each month together. Our children are typically 😉 well behaved anyways + best friends, so they love to be included. And can you beat a meal of soup and a few extras in the winter?? I imagine our spring and summer parties to include grilling instead of soup, but we can definitely cross that bridge when we get there! :)

FullSizeRender 4

{Throw back to the “naturally slow” days! :) We are blessed to have spaces where our children can wander + play}

And that’s it….just a few things making my life a little more restful and joy-filled! I’d love to know how you bring a little more simplicity into
your life!

Much Love & Merry Christmas!!

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